Patch pour DCS A-10C Warthog (English)

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Patch pour DCS A-10C Warthog (English)

Message par Muse le Mar 5 Avr 2011 - 21:36

Patch for DCS: A-10C Warthog (English)

Patch for version only.


Double-click to setup.exe file to start the installer.

It is recommended to turn off anti-virus and security software because they can slow the installation process considerably.


If you encounter stuttering when panning your view, please change your System options to Full Screen mode. We highly suggest running the game in Full Screen mode to maximize system resorces.

If you have flashing video on the Targeting Pod or Maverick displays, disable multiple GPU use in your graphics card control panel.


* Adjustments to reduce probability of stuttering
* Fixed some bugs in the campaigns and missions
* Fixed some bugs that caused tracks to play back incorrectly
* Fixed force correlate mode for AGM-65K/H/G
* Fixed missions sometimes crashing before getting to cockpit
* Some glitches with GUI images are fixed
* Assigning the same function twice to input device causing a crash is fixed
* A new fuel tanks depot of 3D models was added
* Fixed tracking of Aerial Refueling in Logbook
* TACAN crashes if beacon activated by AI AFTER radio it turned on inside the player's plane is fixed
* Fixed of a Molniya animations
* E-3A now able to mid-air refuel
* Fixed the damage model of the Su-25
* AI helicopters will now hold assigned airspeed
* Changed CCIP INVALID message logic
* Fixed a bug with smoke that caused it not to follow wind direction
* Landing and taxi issues of AI at Gelendzhik are resolved
* Gun sight was changed from fixed 41 mil sight to 4000ft cross when CCIP INVALID condition exists in CCIP mode
* Fixed GBU-38 inaccuracy when target designation is set a Markpoint
* Fixed memory management during textures loading
* Faster textures loading at start up
* Fixed occasional crash on exit
* Tuned textures loading procedure
* E-3A pilots will no longer eject
* Resolved issue with AI "traffic jams" at Sukhumi afld
* Multiplayer - Exterior airbrake sound on other client loop is fixed
* Restored key commands for quick communications without radio menu
* AI getting damaged when refueling is fixed
* AI flight members not forming up correctly with flight lead after takeoff is resolved
* Fixed the crash with Effects.dll
* Player pilot suffers hypoxia after shutting down engines on the tarmac is fixed
* AI aircraft during taxi at Vaziani is resolved
* Buildings that flicker and visibly grow up out of the ground on Low graphics settings is fixed
* Aircraft shelters will use season textures
* AI wingman Maverick usage causes crash is fixed
* Crash when grass comes into view in not certain conditions is fixed
* Problems with AI on the landing in Sukhumi, Krymsk, Anapa are fixed
* Problems of AI aircraft on the taxi ways are solved
* Mission crash caused some data from preparing mode is fixed
* The switching of high-order digits on the VHF radios is fixed
* Solved problem when a light source is present, fog disappears when viewed from above
* DX renderer errors with textures loading are fixed
* WorldManager error at mission editor loading is fixed
* Mission generator error from mission editor is solved
* MP- FMBase error with repeated connection to server is fixed
* Adjusted taxi light of aircrafts
* Fixed some bugs with the Buk and Patriot SAMs and their adjusted their behavior
* The yellow cross cursor will be hidden if inactive for more than five seconds
* Fixed G-meter in A-10C
* Weapons.dll crash after Player Aircraft is Destroyed by Patriot or S-300 is fixed
* ME. The mission browser opening is better optimized
* Role changes of AI will not cause error in mission editor
* ECM pod will work after rearming
* Crash on cockpitbase.dll while watching the track is fixed
* Crash on unpausing the MP track is fixed
* Air Defense units will distinguished from other ground vehicles in the debriefing
* Some bugs in the logbook are fixed
* Fixed some a textures Z-fighting bugs on the ground
* Fixed a time combo-box in the mission generator
* Adjusted A-10C oxygen system when the aircraft is on the ground
* MP- Fixed crash whenever a client or the server pilot uses the emergency External Store Jettison button
* UnitGroup crash with ship shooting is fixed
* Adjusted input default profiles
* The buildings shadow glitch in the TGP video is fixed

All 2 files should be downloaded and put into one folder before launching setup. Filenames are of importance.

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