le nouveau panneau de navigation du su-25

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le nouveau panneau de navigation du su-25

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One of the new features of Flaming Cliffs 2.0 is a more realistic implementation of the Su-25 avionics according to the real aircraft adding a new navigation system.

It’s the new short range navigation panel used to control the different waypoints and airports available to navigate through using the HSI and ADI. This is made in a similar way to how it was until now in the Lock On series and like it’s made in any of the aircrafts available.

In the real Su-25, the short range navigation panel, or RSBN according to its Russian initials (Radiotehnicheskaya Sistema Blizhney Navigatsii or Radiotechnical System of Short Range Navigation), is used to select the different navigation modes of the aircraft. In real life the system is able to store up to 4 airports and 3 waypoints, nevertheless these capabilities have been slightly simplified in the simulation.

As before, clicking [1] we can change between navigation modes OFF –ROUTE – RETURN andLANDING.

The functional part of the RSBN in FC 2.0 consists of two rows of buttons, in the upper one we can choose the airports stored in the navigation system, labelled with the initials АЗР. In the lower part we can select our flight plan waypoints which are labelled with the initials ΠΠΜ or select the return mode marked as BOЗBPAT.

When we are in ROUTE mode we can change waypoints using [LCTRL + º], depending on which waypoint we have selected, the corresponding light one, two or three will lit in the RSBN. If we are navigating along a route, once we reach the desired waypoint the RSBN will change automatically to next waypoint, we should hear a click noise when this happens. When reaching the last waypoint it will change automatically to RETURN mode. Though the RSBN can only store up to three waypoints, we will be able to make longer routes containing more waypoints, but the RSBN won’t be able to tell us to which waypoint we are flying.

When we are in RETURN mode the corresponding indicator will lit in the lower right corner showing us that we are in this mode, the return airport light will also illuminate. The lamps are 1АЭР for our flight plan departure airport and 2АЭР for the destination airport. We can select any of them by pressing [LCTRL + º]

Once the airport initial fix has been reached, the system will change automatically to LANDING mode (we can also switch manually to this mode by pressing [1]) the return mode indicator will switch off but the light corresponding to the airport will still be lit. Again, we will hear a click when this happens.

There is an additional option to add an alternate airport marked with the initials 3АЭР, its light will illuminate when we select it. To do so, we will have to add a second landing point in the mission editor, taking into account that FC 2.0 always considers the last added waypoint as destination airport (2АЭР). Therefore it is recommended to consider the last waypoint added in the editor as destination airport, and the previous waypoint, which would be a fourth waypoint, as alternate airport. Of course once reached the third waypoint, the RSBN will change automatically to the fourth waypoint added in the editor, that is the alternate airport, in this case we will have to change manually to RETURN or LANDING modes and the corresponding destination airport light 2АЭР will illuminate.

When the navigation system is OFF no light will be lit in the RSBN, red flags will appear to both sides of the ADI indicating that there is no information available, and the HSI needle will be pointing in north-south direction.
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