Patch pour A-10C et Black Shark 2 Released

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Patch pour A-10C et Black Shark 2 Released

Message par Muse le Dim 18 Déc 2011 - 13:24

The A-10C and Black Shark 2 patches provide a long list of improvements and fixes to the DCS series of products. In parallel with this patch, improvements have been made to the master multiplayer server to improve stability. Download the patches from: This patch apply to English versions only.

Common A-10C and Black Shark 2 Patch Changes

•Crash with South Ossetia in Fast Mission Generator is corrected.
• Added option to turn tree shadows off and on. Setting tree shadows off will result in better frame rates.

•HDR effect on sun corrected.
•Dust and smoke grenade effects at night no longer appear as if day.
•Fixed building errors at Sukhumi airbase
•Visibility range of rocket smoke marker has been increased.
•Contrail duration time is reduced.
•Corrupted NVG image after long use is corrected.
•Tree shadow rendering improved.

•SEAD flights use anti-radiation missiles correctly again.
•Crash with more than one aerial tanker in a mission is corrected.
•Orbit trigger action has been corrected.
•FARP and airbase ATC now respond correctly after landing.
•Ground unit logic of driving over bridges adjusted.
•Repeating wingman rejoin messages fixed.

A-10C Specific Patch Changes

•Updated A-10C flight manual.

•Canopy reflections have been corrected.
•Targeting pod sensor head flicking fixed.

•JTAC radio options now appear properly for clients.
•A-10C wingman AI evasive manoeuvring adjusted.

•Fixed occasional crash using CBU-97 and CBU-105.
•Occasional A-10C engine shut down during start up or taxi is fixed.
•A-10C weapon alignments adjusted.

•A-10C RWR now correctly detects Pyotr Velikiy radar locks and launches.
•Fixed HSI Course offset when navigating with TACAN.
•Hydra MK1 rockets are correctly displayed as Target Practice (TP) in DSMS now.
•Engine oil pressure lights logic fixed. They will light when pressure is low whether the engines are running or not.
•TGP gimbal will remain stowed now if TGP is OFF or STBY, and HOTAS ‘Slave All to SPI’ or ‘Slave TGP to Steerpoint’ commands have been attempted.
•Manually entered magnetic variation (CDU OPTIONS page) will now be applied to all directions in TAD and CDU. Exception is CDU OFFSET page, which always uses the variation computed by EGI.
•The map convergence correction was applied to TAD. Now the flight plan line is always oriented straight up when the aircraft is flying along it.
•With SCS mode selected CDU STEER and ANCHOR pages will provide steering to the SCS point instead of steerpoint. Same applies to the HUD steering symbology.
•SCS point color on TAD was changed to yellow.
•Flight plan lines are correctly removed now from TAD when SCS is selected.
•Flight plan waypoints auto-sequence is disabled when SCS is active.
•IFFCC target elevation cannot be edited in SCS now.
•ADI vertical steering works correctly with SCS now.
•The last created markpoint will be not blanked from display on TAD in SCS mode.
•IFFCC target elevation will be updated from steerpoint, when it was edited in CDU.
•When TGP entered LSS and if it was SPI source, SPI will be reset to steerpoint. Once laser track have been obtained, TGP can generate SPI again.
•AGL waypoint elevation option is handled correctly by CDU upon loading data from Mission Editor.
•Fixed wrong geographical coordinates position (it was shifted up) on TGP display.
•Fixed: external fuel tanks are red boxed on DSMS.
•Fixed wrong symbols input on UFC upon the first attempt.
•IFFCC hot elevations can be entered via scratchpad now.
•Overhead markpoint elevation is set from radar altimeter if IFFCC hot elevation is selected.
•If DTS fails of goes into search, flashing XXXX is shown in HUD target elevation window. Pressing UFC ENT makes it steady.
•DTSAS Coordinate Ranging will be inoperative if DTSAS is in search.
•LASER CODE MISMATCH caution will be displayed now only if Autolase was set ON in the profile.
•Fixed store settings display in Quick Look profile.
•‘IFF’ VMU message will be heard now if IFF alert was set up via IFFCC TEST menu.
•HUD is correctly initialized with HARS mode at ramp start.
•Selecting profiles while INVALID FUZING was visible on HUD will not result to wrong sight calculations anymore.
•PBIL jitter (especially in CCIP CR) was eliminated.
•MRS will correctly account now for MIN TOF set in BDU-33 profile.
•DRC now should display correct impact point according to DES TOF set in profile.
•Fixed MRS/DRC calculations for CBU-97.
•DRC/MRS calculations now account for target elevation - i.e. they should work correctly in mountains.
•PBIL does not move oddly (like going parallel to horizon) anymore on low altitude deliveries.
•CCIP pipper does not jitter anymore with CBU-97.
•TGP line-of-sight does not return to the LSS start point anymore when laser track was exited.
•Default CBU-97/105 open height is temporarily changed to 1800 ft.
•Slave All to SPI function was adjusted for AIM-9. Now if TGP is A-A mode, and is SOI, AIM-9 will slave to TGP LOS (other sensors will be not affected), otherwise AIM-9 will slave to current SPI, as well as other sensors.
•So called ‘initial points’ will be loaded with correct elevation into CDU.
•Maverick slew sensitivity is independent of HOTAS throttle slew sensitivity now. Slew logic was reversed -0.5 is most sensitive, and 9.5 is least sensitive. Adjusted HOTAS throttle slew sensitivity range, and values minimum step.
•Fixed FPS drop down by 30-40% when ILS is turned on.
•Search radars now display correctly on the RWR.
•Changes in balance for A-10C (GAU-8 ammo weight and handling and general fine tune of weight distribution) have been made.

Black Shark 2 Specific Patch Changes

•Landing gear door animation for Ka-50 is fixed.
•Trim with force feedback joysticks has been fixed.
•NVG effects re-done.
•Turning down Shkval contrast, produced Negative light in cockpit, making HUD completely dark at night, effect of this problem has been reduced.

Note: v1.1.1.1 will break any joystick or keyboard config that uses custom modifier keys - It is a simple fix to re-add the Custom Modifier Key to the Modifier list.

Double-click to patch_setup.exe file to start the installer.
It is recommended to turn off anti-virus and security software because they can slow the installation process considerably.
If you have problems after installing the patch (like slow frame rate or crashes), please do a full re-installation. To do so:
1- Uninstall DCS product.
2- For Windows 7 users, look in your /Users/(name)/Saved Games/ and delete their respective ‘DCS’ folder.
3- Reboot.
4- Install full version.
5- Reboot.
Make sure you are up to date with your graphics card drivers.
Turn UAC in Windows off and then reboot before installing DCS, afterwards turn it back on and reboot again.
Also, make sure you have the latest DirectX and C++ versions installed:
DirectX (June 2010):
Microsoft Visual C++:
Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 SP1 Redistributable Package (x86)
Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 SP1 Redistributable Package (x64)
The Fighter Collection, Eagle Dynamics (c) 2011. All rights reserved.
News and updates available on the following links:
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